Your Problems Are My Business

Have you ever wished that you could be in two places at once, or had ‘extra’ time to get everything done? Whether you are away, or just too busy to attend to all of your conflicting priorities, Eldon's LLC can help. Eldon's offers professional problem solving services that help you live life the way that you want to – imagine the possibilities!

What is a professional problem solver?

A professional problem solver helps you solve some of life's trickiest challenges. When you need a helping hand, a knowledgeable business partner, or simply someone to help your days run a bit smoother, I'll help solve your problems…or I'll find someone who can.

Eldon's LLC is fully insured and bonded, reliable, flexible, proficient, and ready to assist you in tackling anything that you may have on your plate. While life can certainly throw you some curveballs, you don't have to attempt catching all of those balls on your own.

How Can I Help Your Business?

  1. Imagine all of those times new projects can be started, even though you don't have enough time for it, or, you don't know where to begin.
  2. Imagine that you wouldn't have to close the door on potential customers when you need to take a break from daily business tasks, to attend a business meeting or for a family commitment.
  3. Imagine that the times you needed an assistant manager or business partner to bounce ideas off of, you could have one.
  4. Imagine there's a solution for all of those times when you needed trusted short term help, and didn't want to hire a permanent employee.
  5. Imagine the possibilities! With my help, you no longer need to choose between your life and your company, between growth and maintenance, between the top and bottom of the ‘to do’ lists.

Why Hire a Home Helper?

  1. Imagine someone trustworthy to look after your home or water your plants and gardens while you were away or stock the fridge for your return.
  2. Imagine tackling your home office projects like sorting, and filing, with a willing and able partner.
  3. Imagine not having to miss work, because someone else can meet the repair technician, during their ‘window of availability’.
  4. Imagine the possibilities! With my help, your home can run more smoothly – whether or not you can be there

Your Initial Consultation

All Eldon's clients will receive one free initial consultation. The aim of this meeting is to sift through all of the problems on your plate, so that I can help you find logical solutions and strategies. Whether I can help you with your project personally, research a project that you'd like to start, or help you hire the professional that is right for your project -- I'm flexible to meet a variety of needs.

Let Me Help You Solve Your Problems!